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Subject: song submission - "Mr. Bojangles" - new version

Mr. Bojangles
Jerry Jeff Walker
Submitted by: Brian McNeal

There are already 2 other versions of Mr. Bojangles in the archives but I think
you'll enjoy playing this version.

(*note*) On the Email version, I found it necessary to reduce the font size to 8 pt. in "Courier New" in order to keep the lines from wrapping and destroying the spacing.
On the microsoft works version it works fine in 12 pt. which is easier to read when printed.

Mr. Bojangles
Jerry Jeff Walker

   [G]           [Bm]             [Em]               [C]        [D7]   
I Knew a man, Bojangles and he'd dance for you worn out shoes.

   [G]           [Bm]            [Em]           [C]            [D]     
Silver hair and ragged shirt and baggy pants,  ...the old soft shoe.

    [C]       [B7]           [Em]   [A7]                     [D] - [D7]
He jumped so high, jumped so high,   then he'd lightly touch down.

   [G]           [Bm]         [Em]        [C]      [D7]
I met him in a cell in New Orleans, I was down and out.

  [G]         [Bm]   [Em]        [C]            [D]
Looked to me to be the eyes of age, the smoke ran out...

  [C]        [B7]               [Em]   [A7]                             [D] - [D7]
He talked of life, he talked of life,  laughed & clicked his heals & he stared

  [G]               [Bm]            [Em]          [C]        [D7]      
He said his name Bojangles and he danced a lick, across the south

   [G]                [Bm]               [Em]           [C]                 [D7]
He grabbed his pants & did his dance, He jumped so high, then he clicked his heals

  [C]         [B7]                   [Em]      [A7]                       [D]-[D7]
He let go and laughed, he let go and laughed,  shook back his clothes all around

    [Em]   [D7]       [Em]      [D7]       [Em]      [D7]       [C]-[G]-[Bm]-[Em]
	Mr. Bojangles,  .....Mr. Bojangles, .....Mr. Bojangles,

   [G]                  [Bm]              [Em]         [C]           [D7]
He danced for those at minstrel shows and county fairs, throughout the South.

   [G]               [Bm]              [Em]        [C]          [D7]   
He spoke of tears of fifty years, how a dog and him,  traveled about.

[C]            [B7]              [Em]   [A7]                        [D] - [D7]
The dog up and died ...he up and died,  after 20 years he still grieves.

    [G]              [Bm]             [Em]           [C]             [D7]
He said, "I danced at every chance in honky tonks, ...for drinks and tips.

   [G]             [Bm]                [Em]        [C]            [D]  
But most the time I spend behind these county bars, ...I drinks a bit.

    [C]       [B7]                 [Em]  [A7]                        [D7]
He shook his head & as he shook his head, I heard someone ask him "please"...

       [Em]   [D7]       [Em]      [D7]      [Em]      [D7]       [C]-[G]-[Bm]-[Em]
	Mr. Bojangles, .....Mr. Bojangles, .....Mr. Bojangles,


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