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johnson carolyn dawn complicated2

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There is another version of this song already posted, but I play it a bit 
differently, so I wanted to add mine.  This song can be played without a 
capo, or even capoed at the first or second fret, depending upon what key 
you want to sing it in.  They all sound good!  As always, listen to the 
song for the timing and changes, but also be creative with it!    

Carolyn Dawn Johnson

Intro:  G  Bm  C  D  C

Verse 1:
So scared that the way that I feel
Is written all over my face
When you walk into the room
D                       C
I want to find a hiding place

We used to laugh, we used to hug
The way that old friends do
But now a smile and a touch of your hand
D                  C
Just makes me come unglued

Em                    Am
Such a contradiction, should I lie or tell the truth
Em                     Am                    D
Is it fact or fiction, oh the way I feel for you

So frustrating
I want to hold you close, I want to push you away
                   C                      D
I want to make you go, I want to make you stay
         G                                Bm
Should I say it...should I tell you how I feel
              C          D           C
I want you to know, but then again I don't
                   G  Bm  C  D  C
It's so complicated

Verse 2 (same chords as Verse 1:)
Just when I think I'm under control
I think I finally got a grip
Another friend tells me that
My name is always on your lips

You say I'm more than just a friend
You say I must be blind
Well I admit I've seen you watch me
>From the corner of your eye
It's so confusing...I wish you'd just confess
But think of what I'd be losing
If your answer wasn't yes

Repeat Chorus here, go right into BRIDGE:
             G              Bm
So complicated...oh, I hate it
           Am        C        D            G     Bm
Cause I've waited so long for someone like you
C             D     (C)
Oh, what do I do
             G                            Bm
Should I say it...should I tell you how I feel
                  C         D             C
Oh, I want you to know, but then again, I don't
             G  Bm  C  D  C
So complicated

(Repeat and fade intro chords to the end)

*The (C) can be used as a transitional chord.  Many of the chords in 
between are quick chords, just used to move the song along in a more 
interesting way.  Again, play around until it sounds good to you.  Happy 
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