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Subject: CRD: Every Single Day          Greg Trooper     Chords/Lyrics

Greg Trooper       Every Single Day  written by Greg Trooper
                                                Claire Mullally

Greg Trouper      Guitar, Vocals	
Kenneth Blevins   Percussion, Drums	
Larry Campbell    Bouzouki, Fiddle, Guitar (Steel)	
David Kumin       Piano	
Stewart Lerman    Guitar, Keyboards, Producer	
Dennis McDermott  drums
Lincoln Schleifer bass
Greg Shirley      bass,vocals
Abel Domingues	  guitar, Keyboards, Vocals	
Claire Mullally   Vocals	

G                    Em      D     G
Every single morning I wake up and pray
G                     Em           C      D        G
Find the strength  inside of me to get me thru the day
C                      D
A Shower  falls like a thousand tears
C                   D
If I could just get past the tears
G      G/F#     Em      C     D      G
Living life without you every single day
G             Em         D            G
Every perfect stranger I pass  in the street
G                G/F#        Em        C         D       G
Their  eyes they shine like diamoonds happiness complete
C                      D
How can they laugh and carry on 
C                    D
Don't they know that you are gone
G       G/F#      Em     C     D       G
And I'm left without you every single day
C            D
Every single day I find
C                             D
Your the first and last thing on my mind
G                          Em    C               D     
I miss you till the end of time I miss you every single day
G         G/F#         Em   D        G 
Every one knows sorrow lonliness and shame
G             G/F#      Em
But until you lose  someone you love
          D         G
You never know real pain
C             D
What am I suppose  to do
C                   D
Without you here to pull me thru
G           G/F#     Em        C    D        G 
Your memory just     won't do every single day

From Greg Trooper "Everywhere"
Black Hole Records 1992

Born and raised in New Jersey, Trooper's songs have been recorded by
the likes of Steve Earle, Rosanne Cash and Vince Gill. In the early
70s, Trooper left the folk clubs of Greenwich Village for the music
scene of Austin, TX , before moving to Lawrence, KS where he entered
college and continued to hone his guitar, singing and songwriting
skills. He returned to New York for the '80s and part of the '90s,
where he recorded his first two records: We Won't Dance and the
critically acclaimed Everywhere. The records caught the attention of
Earle-- who recorded Trooper's "Little Sister. In the early '90s,
Trooper met fellow New Jersyan and ex-E Steet Band bassist Garry
Tallent, who like Trooper would settle in Nashville. Tallent produced
Trooper's 1996 album Noises In The Hallway and released it on his
D'Ville Records. -- Jack Leaver, All-Music Guide

1986  We Won't Dance	Wild Rags Records
1990 Lonesome Val
1992 Everywhere                    Black Hole Records
1996  Noise In The Highway   DVI Records
1998  Popular Demons           Koch Intl Records
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