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Subject: "Long Lonesome Highway" by "Georgia Marie"

Long Lonesome Highway
written by S Breunig
(verse 1)
G                     C                         G             C
Well I never been the kind of man, For putting roots in the ground
G                C                     G             C
Too much of the same thing, an I ain't one to hang around
       G            C                 G      F#/D    Em
I can see myself a leavin here, the same way that I came
         C                  D               C       D      G
Cause I hear that Lonesome Highway, just a calling out my name
      C             G            C             G
That Long Lonesome Highway is a callin out my name
              C             G                    D
saying "it's time to get a moving on come (and) ride the fastlane
       C                      G           Em         D      C
and I don't know where I'm a going but I sure know where I been
          Em            D          C          D     G
And that Long Lonesome Highway is calling my name again
(TAG)Em/// D/// C/ D/ G///
(verse 2)
   G                C                     G              C
I left my home at seventeen, with just a backpack and a song
              G                C          G                     C
You know it feels just like forever, but five years ain't that long
        G                     C                    G    F#/D   Em
Maybe one of these days I'll change my ways maybe even settle down
              C                         D
But when you got no friends and you're money's thin,
         C           D       G
You just can't stop ramblin round

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