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Subject: chords: Rocky Mountain Music by Eddie Rabbitt

Rocky Mountain Music
by Eddie Rabbitt
Music & lyrics by E. Rabbitt
This submission is my own work as transcribed from the CD Eddie Rabbitts All
Time Greatest Hits Warner Brothers #26467-2


Em                     G
Back Upon an old dirt road
Next to a swamp full of toads

was a slanted wood shack 
      C            D           Em
with three little kids and a momma

Em            G
papa died in '63
left little jenny and me
to plant those 'taters and
        D        Em      -D.....Chorus
pull up another tomorrow

G         D
Rocky Mountain Music
G         D           A   -D.C.G.
Fills my memory with you
G         D
Rocky mountain music
    G          D                  A    -F.D.Em
v1.Papa can I hear you playin for me..
v2.momma can I hear you singin to me.. can I hear you callin me..

Em                               G
Little brother was never quite right
he used to sit on the floor in the sunlight

playin with the dust 
       C            D             Em
that danced on the beams in the window

Em                       G
sister had to cook and clean
cuz momma she got sick and lean
                       C             D           Em  -D....Chorus
sometimes I think she just got that way missin poppa

Em                            G
well every thing has changed today
little brother he was taken away
                       C           D         Em
sister, she married a soldier and lives in Toledo

Em                        G
And me I'm in a Nashville bar
and I've never been so far..

from that old gravel road
         C            D              Em   -D.....Chorusx2
and the rivers that run through my mem'ry
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