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     Hi, Greg  As per George Richardson's request from the July 28 issue, here's the Doug  Stone song he was looking for. One other person asked for it a while back  and I already sent it to him. It's called "A Jukebox With A Country  Song". I typed it from memory, but I'm sure it's accurate. Glad to help out.  Don Fishback    

A Jukebox With A Country Song - Doug Stone


After three good years together


We had our first big fight


So she went to her mother's


And I went for a drive



Down that old familiar highway


Just a few miles out of town


To that run-down one-room tavern


That used to be my stompin' grounds



When I pulled into the driveway


Everything still looked the same


And I couldn't wait to down a few


And hear that jukebox ring



But when I walked in through the doorway


There stood some kind of maitre d


And he looked me up, and he looked me down, and said,


"Can I help you please?"


(And I said)





What'd you do with those swingin' doors?


And where's the sawdust on the floor?


Why's everybody wearin' suits and ties?


From where I stand I can't believe my eyes



And whose idea was it to hang these ferns?


This brand-new bar don't have a single burn


I guess I'm somewhere that I don't belong


I need a juke box with a country song



When I looked into the corner


Where the jukebox once stood proud


Some clown was playin' records...


Too fast, too long, and too loud



Well it must've been a big mistake


To try to speak my mind


But as they were askin' me to leave


I cried out one more time...



(repeat chorus)


...I guess I don't belong


Without a jukebox and a country song

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