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Subject:  Sweethearts In Heaven  by Buck Owens
Album:  Hotdog!
Written by:  Buck Owens

       Sweethearts in Heaven                   Buck Owens

Eb                             Bb             Ab        Eb
Will there be sweethearts in heaven after we cross the line
Eb                     Ab       Eb     Bb           Eb
If the angels have sweethearts then I want you for mine

If  I should go first and leave you behind  
To face life alone just bare this in mind
That I'll be a-waiting if heaven's my fate 
    Ab              Bb                          Eb                       
To take you by the hand just inside the pearly gates

Now I'd be a tramp and sleep in the street  
Or I'd be a begger with rags on my feet
If I knew for sure when the time comes to part 
Ab           Bb                  Eb
Someday in heaven you'd be my sweetheart

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