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*********************** BILLY B. DAMNED ************************

written and performed by Billy Joe Shaver.

Verse 1:
	Billy B.,Billy B. was his name

	Billy B. Damned was his claim to fame

	Kinda heavy in the head and mean in the eye
	All the people stopped talkin'
              A            E 
	When Billy walked by

Verse 2:
	He kinda shuffled along,if you know what i mean

	Always lookin' for a lady

	Who was lookin' for a scene

	Snappin' his fingers to the radio
         B                      A          E
	Bippin' and boppin' wherever he'd go

	Billy B. Billy B. was his name

	Billy B. Damned was his claim to fame

	Billy B. Billy B. Damned
         B           A               E 
	Billy was a mighty peculiar man

Verse 3:
	He was the number seven of a seventh son

	Born in the valley

	Where the river don't run

	He had to walk ten miles just to get to school
              B                          A         E
	That didn't last long 'cause he wasn't no fool

Verse 4:
	Back in the big falls 'way down home

	Old Billy done his stompin'

	Till the cows come home

	Always gettin' into trouble 

	And messin' with the law
            B                              A              E 
	It didn't matter none 'cause the sheriff was his paw


Verse 5:
	Billy got married and he settled down 

	Got elected to mayor

	Of his home town

	Got his feet on the desk

	And a big cigar
          B                         A        E   
	Travelled 'round town in a Cadillac car


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