COWPIE Country Music Lyrics

Tracy Lawrence Today's Lonely Fool

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Intro: D A G, Bm A G

D                        G               D    G
What would you say if I told you, I was sorry
               D              G                           A  Bm  A
and that I've come to realize, life means nothing without you
           D           G                          
Would you take my hand, would you forgive this man
D                                G
for ever doubting your love was true
               E7                             G               A      D   G
and could you find it in your heart to let me try and make it up to you

       A           D A G           D      A G
Yesterday a jealous man, today a lonely fool
                                 D A G                               A  Bm A
I let love slip right through my hands with all the hurt I've handed you
                           G     A                   Bm   G 
I gotta stop your love from dying or I'll be living proof
                         A                      D  A  G, Bm  A  G
that yesterday's jealous man is today's lonely fool

D                G               D                          G
Darling from now on I'll be proud when other men notice you
            D                    G        A        Bm A      
instead of getting mean and loud, like I used to do
          D                        G                         D
Find some mercy in your heart, then we'll make another start
at the love that we once knew
         E7                         G                  A              D   G    
I won't hurt you anymore, I'm gonna trust you now and never question you

                                D A G
Tag twice;   I'm today's lonely fool
                       D    A  G  D
             Today's lonely fool 
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