COWPIE Country Music Lyrics

Joey + Rory Boots

Written By: Mike Ward, Touchstone McDonald, Mark Harris

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Started out just nails and leather
Built to last and made for weather
Can't think of nothin' better, thatn what I'm wearin' on my feet

They make me taller than I really am
Ain't nothing they can't withstand
They're a symbol o the workin' man and old cowgirls like me

Boots are made for sawdust floors
Stirrups on a quarterhorse
To kick yourself when ya been a fool
Climbin' up old barstools
Two-steppin' under neon lights
Ain't too bad in a barroom fight
And kickin' open swingin' doors
That's what boots are for

Been resoled a dozen times
Crushed some cans and soaked some wine
Nothin' that a spit won't shine, tough as any man I know

Hidden aces in poker deals
Marked a grave on an outlaw hill
Ain't a snake alive they couldn't kill
And they get me where I go

Repeat Chorus

Kickin' off when you're tired and sore
That's what boots are for

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