Tim McGraw Responds To Curb's Lawsuit Statement

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: June 29, 2012 9:06 AM

Yesterday We gave the press release from Curb Records which stated their side of the messy lawsuit between the label and Tim McGraw. Today, we have McGraw's follow-up which isn't nearly as long but seeks to clarify that the artist is indeed not a Curb Records artist at this time and that he is also free to record and release music on his new record label home Big Machine Records. 

Curb's release yesterday [read it here] stated that they wanted to delay their court proceeding to determine if the new recordings for Big Machine Records "20 recordings for a new album" as they said, were in fact recorded and/or withheld while McGraw was still a Curb Records artist.  

Here is Tim's official press release on the matter:

Tim McGraw and his counsel have received several requests for comment concerning a recent press release issued by Curb Records regarding the lawsuit between Tim McGraw and Curb Records. Rule 3.6 of the Tennessee Rules of Professional Conduct makes clear that it is not proper for attorneys to make such out-of-court statements that will be disseminated to the public.

It is proper, however, for Mr. McGraw and his counsel to clarify the record in light of Curb’s misleading and inaccurate press release. The Court’s only ruling was to postpone, at the request of Curb, the trial as to damages claimed by Mr. McGraw and by Curb. There was no ruling about anything else, and specifically there was no ruling regarding the substance of either party’s claims in the lawsuit. The Court’s ruling did not effect, in any way, Mr. McGraw’s relationship with Big Machine Records.

The Court’s Order on the postponement and its prior ruling issued on December 8, 2011 are public documents and are available on the web site of the Davidson County Chancery Court Clerk. Mr. McGraw and his counsel believe that the rulings speak for themselves, and that it is not proper for either of the parties to issue a press release regarding these matters.”

Davidson County Chancery Court Clerk - Case Summary Link (Public Record):

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