Thompson Square - "Let's Fight"

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: May 15, 2010 11:17 AM

Country music has always had a plethora of ‘I’m so in love with you that everything’s perfect’ kind of songs that it’s refreshing when one of the very same songs comes out with a clever turn of phrase like Thompson Square’s first Stoney Creek Records single “Let’s Fight” does.  Written by Kiefer Thompson with Westin Davis and Kip Moore, this single finds Keifer and his wife Shawna singing about spicing up their perfect marriage by partaking in a playful fight.

In addition to being clever, “Let’s Fight” is a great introduction into a duo that brings a contemporary yet completely country vocal dynamic to the table with this song feeling a bit like something you might have found coming from David Lee Murphy.  Vocally Keifer Thompson is similar to Murphy while I can hear more than a little Pam Tillis in Shawna Thompson’s vocal. 

I’m sure there will be some people out there who just don’t get “Let’s Fight” but I think it’s one of the catchiest, best-written singles of the 2010 summer season so far.  It may be light hearted and fun but it still speaks to people who are happy yet feel their relationship may just be a bit stale.  Perhaps, after hearing this single a few times, it might inspire people to say these words to each other:

Let’s Fight, lets cuss, get mad, throw stuff, 
Maybe call each other names.
Slam doors, break glass, I’ll leave, come back 
And I’ll take all the blame.
Let’s scream, let’s shout, make up, make out 
Baby, just for tonight let’s fight. 

(click here to read the rest of the words)

After a few listens to the single, it’s easy to see why Stoney Creek and Thompson Square chose this song as their debut single.  It has everything that should make the duo stand out from the pack.

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