The Weekly Single Recap: The Week Of October 18, 2013: Featuring "I Got A Car" from Geroge Strait and 9 More Songs

By: Chuck Dauphin

Last Updated: October 18, 2013 5:10 PM

This week’s stable of 10 songs includes mostly up-and-coming artists like Adam Dean Mullins, TJ Hamilton, Tim Ash, Brandy Clark and Rosehill but the other five songs showcased include “Nashville” actor Chris Carmack with “What If I Was Willing”, Neal McCoy and Darius Rucker joining together for “Kiss An Angel Good Morning,” Texas Music stars Brandon Rhyder and Wade Bowen releasing new singles and, finally, “I Got A Car” from George Strait. Continue on below to see Chuck’s thoughts on these 10 new songs!This week's 

Weekly Single Recap For October 18, 2013:

Adam Dean Mullins - All My Favorite Memories (PLC Records):

Old School sound and lyrics. Very effective.


Brandon Rhyder - “Pray The Night” (Reserve Records/Thirty Tigers):

A true vocal showcase set against a luscious arrangement!


Brandy Clark - “Stripes” (Slate Creek Records):

A modern day Loretta Lynn twist. Maybe the coolest line of any song this year in “There’s no crime of passion worth a crime of fashion.”Don’t mess with Ms. Clark.

Chris Carmack - “What If I Was Willing” (Valory Music Company):

Nice flow to the track. Quite possibly the most radio friendly song from ABC’s “Nashville” yet.

Neal McCoy/Darius Rucker - “Kiss An Angel Good Morning” (Slate Creek Records):

Faithful cover of the Charley Pride classic. McCoy and Rucker make for a great combination.

George Strait - “I Got A Car” (MCA Nashville):

Simple lyrics, but sometimes that’s the most direct way to the heart.

Tim Ash - “Broke” (A&M Productions/SMG Records):

Energetic and plenty of fun.

Listen Here:

TJ Hamilton - “Crazy: (Dream Big Records):

Decent showcase vocally, but the vocals are more impressive than the song.


Wade Bowen - “Songs About Trucks” (AMP/Sea Gayle Records):

A little bit of commentary on the subject of many songs today. Extremely well written without taking personal shots.

Rosehill - “The Bible & The Gun” (Tenacity):

A stunning piece of work. It might be a little too deep for radio, but it needs to be heard!


Bonus Thoughts on Two Stunning songs from the late songwriter Tim Johnson:

To Do What I Do:

Pure poetry. I thought it when Alan cut it years ago. Tim Johnson’s lyrics have meaning to any of us who have ever pursued a career in music – on stage or behind the scenes. R.I.P.

I Let Her Lie:

A rare look inside the soul of one of the format’s best songs of the 1990s.


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