The Band Perry - "You Lie"

By: Bobby Peacock

Last Updated: January 10, 2011 12:01 PM

Fresh off their breakthough hit "If I Die Young," The Band Perry is certainly on the brink of stardom. Their album showed a high level of lyrical and musical talent; despite the occasional bout of overly-contrived lyrics and a slight bent towards the Taylor Swift side of the age spectrum, just about anything on it seems like it could be a hit. "You Lie," the first track on the album, was probably the best choice for single number three, as it has all of the ingredients for a fresh and interesting song. 

From the opening line, "You Lie" is stuffed with unique lyrics that address an unfaithful man. The chorus uses inspired similes like "You lie like a penny in the parking lot at the grocery store" to express just how bad a liar this man was — he must've been really bad, if the angry lyric "I oughta kill you right now and do the whole wide world a service" is any indication. Kimberly's phrasing is bold and expressive, aptly conveying the right level of anger needed to make the song work. And as if it couldn't get any better, the song is given a spare, bluegrassy instrumentation with lots of fiddle. 

While "If I Die Young" was a major hit, and while I think it's a great song, I can see how it and the spunky "Hip to My Heart" probably didn't connect to well with older audiences. But infidelity is always a great "go-to" topic for a great country song, and "You Lie" is just that: it's a great country song. It's a little more mature than most of the other songs on the album; it's different in all the right ways; and it's following in the wake of a huge hit. It's probably my favorite cut on the album, and surely my favorite single of theirs so far. And that's no lie.

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