The Band Perry - "All Your Life"

By: Bobby Peacock

Last Updated: September 1, 2011 4:08 PM

Sibling trio The Band Perry is on fire. After a false start with the spunky (albeit divisive) "Hip to My Heart" and the monster crossover "If I Die Young," they changed directions with a somewhat less mainstream, bluegrass-y "You Lie." And what do you know, it worked. "If I Die Young" is still riding high on pop (albeit with a cold, sterile remix that completely robs the song of its intimacy), so the band is getting its name out there. One more good single, and The Band Perry should be in it for the long haul. 

And "All Your Life" is one more good single. Not unlike the rest of the band's catalog, it sets itself a little left of center with interesting imagery, such as filling a jar with sand just to let it run through her hand, then catching fireflies and putting them in a lamp. It then comes right back with the simple hook "I just want to be the only girl you love all your life." But just when you think the song's said everything, it catches you off-guard again with "Lately I've been singing desperate love songs / And mostly sing them to the wall / You could be the centerpiece of my obsession / If you would notice me at all." It gives the song a little more emotion and depth, making the yearning built up over the first two verses more authentic. And frankly, I'd give it a positive rating just for the soft, understated performance: little more than guitar and mandolin, a tender lead vocal and shimmering harmonies. It's easily one of the most euphonious songs I've come across in a long time. 

"If I Die Young" was no fluke. "You Lie" was no fluke. And, if there's any justice, "All Your Life" won't be a fluke either. Practically anything could've been a hit, but "All Your Life" manages to stand out even above that. I say let this one go to #1, then finish the album off with "Independence," and Lady Antebellum and Zac Brown Band will have to stay on their toes!

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