Sugarland - "It Happens"

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: February 10, 2009 10:00 AM

It's pretty easy to dismiss Sugarland as but another example of a musical artist that calls Country music 'home' but really is nothing less than pop music colored with mandolin and other "Country instruments" here or there.  However, to dismiss the duo is to ignore the fact that they're exactly the kind of thing the mainstream needs right now.  Genuinely talented artists who are writing interesting songs with interesting melodies. 

"It Happens," which the duo co-wrote with Bobby Pinson, is a playful, irreverent song that speaks right to those who seem to always have self-doubt and pity about things.  In the end, the lyrics say  that things happen, whether they happen to you or someone else; they still will happen.  While the atmospheric "Love" might have found Sugarland crossing-over to pop radio, "It Happens" is unlikely to go down that path.  Instead, it will continue to help cement Sugarland as one of Country music's most vibrant artists, a musical act that expands the genre while remaining firmly rooted in the traditions of it.  Releasing "It Happens" instead of "Love" was a smart thing to do, particularly since radio and casual fans may not have enjoyed it as much as they will enjoy this one, A song that I suspect will end up being one of 2009's biggest hits.

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