Story Behind The Song: Florida Georgia Line - "Round Here"

By: Alanna Conaway

Last Updated: May 20, 2013 9:05 PM

If Rodney Clawson's touch had anything to do with Florida Georgia Line topping the charts for multiple weeks with "Get Your Shine On," then chances are the duo is on their way to doing it once again with their next single, "Round Here." The new tune is the third single from FGL's Here's to the Good Times album and has all the potential to being their third consecutive No. 1 hit. Clawson co-wrote "Round Here" along with hit songwriter Chris Tompkins and rising star Thomas Rhett.

"I grew up back in Texas, and this song talks about what you did in these small towns where there's nothing to do," Clawson tells Roughstock. "You steal a six-pack of beer out of somebody's parents' fridge in the garage and head out on a dirt road ... sit out there on the tailgate, listen to music and drink beer. There will be girls and guys, and everybody's out there to have a good time. That's about all there is to do [laughs]. I grew up in a farmtown in Texas where there's 1,200 people. It was 35 miles to the closest Walmart. We had a Dairy Queen and a Quik Stop. Other than that, there was nothing to do.

"A lot of these songs that we write -- 'Round Here' being the perfect example -- are about how you have to make up your own good time," Clawson continues. "We have some cool lines in that song like candles on the toolbox of the truck and stuff like that. It's all little things from out of our past. It's funny because Chris grew up in a little town in north Alabama that's 1,500 miles from where I grew up, but a lot of the same stuff went on.

"I know people are probably getting tired of us writing songs like this, but the kids that are growing up don't get tired of hearing them because that's really their life," says the writer. "That's really what they're doing."

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