Story Behind The Song: Colt Ford discusses "Back" (Featuring Jake Owen)

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: July 16, 2012 10:07 AM

Roughstock: How did the process for writing "Back" start? 

Colt Ford: Shannon Houchins had the idea and he and Noah Gordon wrote the chorus and it just came to life. I had to write the verses myself because it was so personal for me. This is my life in this song. 

Roughstock: How important was it for you to include key memories of your life in the verses?

Colt Ford: It was very important, that is what the song is about and it had to be real.  That is what I do and who I am as an artist. I want people to hear the song and put there own life into the song.

Roughstock: How special is it for you to have the song be the lead single for the "Declaration of Independence" album?

It is always a little scary when you are so honest on a song and pour your life out. I was thrilled when I found out how much the label and radio team loved the song. I am really proud of this song and this album. It is great to have Jake Owen with me on "Back." Jake really captured the emotion of this song. 

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