Single Review: Tim McGraw - "One Of Those Nights"

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: October 30, 2012 12:10 PM

With "Truck Yeah" serving as the 'happy song' for Tim McGraw's move to Big Machine Records after leaving Curb Records amidst a wave of court dates and lawsuits, "One Of Those Nights" is a better reminder about the kind of artist Tim McGraw really is. Yeah, he'll take chances with the "Truck Yeah"'s of the world but his wheelhouse has always been these kinds of story songs.

"One Of Those Nights" features a more down the middle, radio-ready melody with Tim singing about the kind of evening that will long be remembered as one of the nights that will long be in the memory banks. It's a sweet little song with one of McGraw's most engaging vocals and a well-produced backing track from co-producer Byron Gallimore. There's no chance that we won't be hearing the heck out of this tune on radio for the next few months as it's a smooth, radio-ready type of song. It may not be the massive 'attention getter' that "Truck Yeah" was (good or bad) but it's definitely the right tonic for a sea of uptempo songs still dominating radio this fall/winter.

The song is the second single off of the just-announced Two Lanes Of Freedom album, Tim McGraw's debut for Big Machine Records. The album will be released February 5, 2013.

Read the lyrics for "One Of Those Nights" here

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