Single Review: Kenny Chesney - "Come Over"

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: May 14, 2012 12:05 PM

It seemed like a smart and brilliant idea at the time. A duet with close friend and 2012 tour mate Tim McGraw can't lose, right? Well, not exactly. After a massive start (chronicled here), "Feels Like A Rock Star" struggled to get anywhere outside of the 12/13 slot for six full weeks.  Yet here we are with a brand new single from Kenny. 

Written by Shane McAnally, Sam Hunt and Josh Osborne, "Come Over" shows off a completely different side for Kenny Chesney and it manages to feel immediate and current in ways that "Feels Like A Rock Star" didn't.  In fact, this song takes musical chances that Chesney's rarely taken in the past (except for "Somewhere With You," another song from McAnally's pen). 

This song feels like a lead single from a new album and not the 'event' single that "Feels Like A Rock Star" did. In fact "Come Over" is the antithesis of "Feels Like A Rock Star" in that it's not melodically safe and familiar like everything about "Rock Star" was (including the duet). "Rock Star" could've easily been a single for Chesney by himself and it was a song he's released many times before. "Come Over" isn't.

The lyrics may not be entirely new but it is an emotion that fans definitely can relate to and that, combined with genuine interesting melodies and a strong, passionate vocal from Chesney makes "Come Over" feel like the big hit and a proper introduction to the soon to be released Welcome To The Fishbowl album from Kenny Chesney.



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