Single Review: Jerrod Niemann - "Only God Could Love You More"

By: Bobby Peacock

Last Updated: February 7, 2013 3:02 PM

It seems that with every single of late, Jerrod Niemann is continuing to bring something new to the table. His breakthrough hit "Lover, Lover" had him singing nine vocal parts á la Billy Joel's "The Longest Time"; "What Do You Want" was an original twist on breakup with plenty of Wurlitzer electric piano; "One More Drinkin' Song" was a fun novelty; and "Shinin' On Me" was a bright, shiny confection with lots of horns. And with his latest offering, Jerrod mixes it up further.

"Only God Could Love You More" is laden with percussion, muted guitar, and piano with plenty of echo on Jerrod's vocal, making for some of the best acoustic country-pop outside Sugarland. The lyrics rely on unusual repetition and phrasing such as: "The things you say, they hit me with a right sometimes / They hit me with a right sometimes / But I'm still standing" This tight phrasing, inspired production, and overall flawless execution make it a real standout with more brains and emotion than your average radio single. Its subject of commitment, even in the face of potential breakup, is easily identifiable and relatable. 

While the #17 peak of "Shinin' on Me" would seem to hint at a sophomore jinx for Jerrod, here's hoping that "Only God Could Love You More" becomes one of those slow climbers that worms its way into the Top 10. Jerrod is easily one of the biggest talents in Nashville right now, and it'd be outright criminal for him not to have another hit.

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