Single Review: Jason Aldean - Take A Little Ride

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: July 16, 2012 11:07 AM

Jason Aldean became a man to watch when "Hicktown" helped him sell album after album (and three gold singles) but after his sophomore album slumped and failed to meet some expectations, Aldean returned with a brand new outlook and vision. That vision helped spawn three #1 singles and a #2 single along with two of those songs selling digital Platinum and one hitting gold. That album, Wide Open, made Jason Aldean an A-list country star and his follow-up album My Kinda Party turned him into a superstar level artist from any genre with three more #1 hits, two more #2 hit singles and gold, platinum or multi-platinum selling singles and an album that has sold over 2.6 million copies. All of these accolades mean that Jason Aldean has at his disposal the best songwriters in Nashville and that leads us to this single, "Take A Little Ride." [Read Lyrics]

For the first time in his seven years in the country music mainstream, Jason Aldean doesn't blast our earbuds with an all-out hard-rock inspired assault. Instead, "Take A Little Ride" is a slightly toned downed rocker that allows us to hear Aldean vocalize and enunciate a setting in the middle of America and life in the world where there isn't a lot to do except to go out and take a little ride in a truck with the one that you love. Vocally, Aldean sounds as good as he's ever sounded.  He's relaxed, confident and delivers a song that fits exactly what we've come to expect from a superstar.

Yes, the lyrics may fall into the 'cliche' of what country fans of 2012 expect to hear from their country stars and on country radio but when has such a trend not been the case in country music. Songs have often been about rural life and experiences and that's exactly what Jason Aldean is giving here but now it's about more than the hard day of work. In fact, the lyrics of "Take A Little Ride" pull all of the current country memes and put them into one well-written, easy-to-digest song that has gotten better with each listen that I've had of the song while writing this review. 

"Take A Little Ride" is an immediate hit and it's probably true that Jason Aldean could've literally sang names from a phonebook at this point in his career and had it become a hit but instead of being lazy, he's cut a winning song that suits both him and his audience.

Written by Dylan Altman, Rodney Clawson and Jim McCormick.

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