Single Review: Jason Aldean (Feat. Luke Bryan & Eric Church) - "The Only Way I Know How"

By: Ashley Cooke

Last Updated: November 7, 2012 2:11 PM

Some might say the newest Jason Aldean single, The Only Way I know is yet again, pushing the limits of the country music genre. But does it really matter anymore if he is? This collaboration with Luke Bryan and Eric Church, brings together three of the hottest male country artists out there and it's sure to hit the top of the charts.

Love it or hate it, the fact of the matter is the "rapping" breaks up the monotony of the country music genre's all-too-often sound-a-like syndrome. While it might not work for some it works for Jason. It's fun. It worked for Dirt Road Anthem and it will work for The Only Way I know

As most would agree, there has been a fundamental shift in the genre. Artists will continue to blur the edges with collaboration and sound. It's pretty awesome that in such a competitive career, these artists have even chosen to share the spotlight. The concept is that of many other country songs, living in the country, being tough, nothing to do, etc. but this one has a powerful chorus which allows listeners to get a little rowdy and let their inner badass out. Aldean adds a simple twist to the song by snagging Eric Church and Luke Bryan to put their touch on the track, which gives it the extra 'verve' that it needs.

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