Single Review: Edens Edge - Too Good To Be True

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: March 26, 2012 3:03 PM

With "Amen," Edens Edge managed to stay on the charts for the better part of the year and ended up squeaking out a Top 20 debut with the sweet, melodic single. This is similar to an approach taken by The Band Perry before they broke big with "If I Die Young" in 2010. While Edens Edge's new single "Too Good To Be True" isn't quite the no-brainer that TBP's second single was, it is nonetheless a strong sophomore single. 

Featuring a vibe-y, almost haunting melody to the proceedings, the song finds the trio of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Dean Berner (those Dobro licks in this tune are his), mandolin/vocalist Cherrill Green and lead singer Hannah Blaylock, singing a song about a guy who who will say anything possible to get the girl to sleep with him or do whatever it is that he wants to do. It serves as a cautionary tale that's theme isn't dissimilar from themes from other songs. But while familiar in theme, the band's sound's the kind that has sort of been missing from country radio.  This is a traditional country-based band with a bit of folks-y, Dixie Chicks like attitude and harmonies added for good measure. 

If this single isn't a hit for Edens Edge, I think I may need to switch careers for it's that strong of a  single.

Look for our interview with the band to appear on Roughstock soon.

Listen to the single here.  

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