Single Review - Easton Corbin - "Lovin' You Is Fun"

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: February 14, 2012 10:02 AM

Easton Corbin was the biggest new thing in country music when his debut single “A Little More Country Than That” hit the top of the charts, something debut singles rarely do. Easton followed up that single with another #1 hit in “Roll With It” before momentum seemingly stalled with third single “I Can’t Love You Back,” a great tune which ended up at #14 on the charts.  A neo-traditionalist with a voice that seriously recalls George Strait, Easton experienced some vocal problems that necessitated taking quite a bit of time off between Easton Corbin album and his upcoming sophomore album, which is preceeded by this new single “Lovin’ You Is Fun.”

Written by Jim Beavers and Bob DiPiero, “Lovin’ You Is Fun” is set to a bluesy shufflin’ groove and features production from Carson Chamberlain that keeps Easton Corbin grounded in that neotraditionalist sound that we’ve grown accustomed to hearing from. While not as immediate sounding a first single as “A Little More Country Than That,” “Lovin’ You Is Fun” is still a strong, melodic and memorable single. The lyrics find Easton trying to overcome the assertation of his girlfriend’s cousin that real love includes drama. Easton insists that love doesn’t have to be that way and that having a good time and enjoying each other should be a lot more fun, therefore: “Lovin’ You Is Fun.”

It’s hard to see how this single won’t become a strong, successful single for Easton as it has all the charm of his first two singles and suggests that his upcoming album could bring him to a higher level of awareness than even the debut album achieved.

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