Roughstock Exclusive: David Pichette Leaves Emerson Drive

By: Alanna Conaway

Last Updated: May 6, 2013 2:05 PM

After 10 years of touring with Emerson Drive as their fun-loving and energetic fiddle player, David Pichette is stepping down from the band. Pichette's decision to leave comes just a couple of months after announcing he and his wife are expecting their third daughter in August.

"With my third child on the way, it is time for me to focus on my family and come off the road," Pichette reveals exclusively to Roughstock. "It was a tough decision to make because this band has been like family to me for so many years. The guys understand where I'm coming from, and I wish them all the best with what the future holds for each of them personally and professionally."

However, Emerson Drive fans fear not ... you have not seen the last of Pichette when it comes to the band.

"Although I won't be sharing the stage with them any time soon, I am still actively involved behind the scenes with the band and will be helping out for the success of the band for years to come," Pichette adds.

Pichette recently relocated to Las Vegas with his wife Jill and their two daughters, Emma (4) and Alexia (2). Pichette has been putting his focus into his newly launched video production company, Meadows Mixed Media. He has already produced and directed several music videos over the years for Canadian artists, as well as Emerson Drive's "Let Your Love Speak," "She's My Kind of Crazy," "When I See You Again," "That Kind of Beautiful," "Let It Roll" and their latest release, "With You."

The remaining members of Emerson Drive include Pichette's brother-in-law and lead singer Brad Mates (who is married to Pichette's wife's twin sister), drummer Mike Melancon, guitarist Danick Dupelle and keyboardist Dale Wallace.

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