Rascal Flatts - "Unstoppable"

By: Audrey Snyder

Last Updated: December 31, 2009 12:41 PM

The fourth single and the title track from the group’s album, “Unstoppable,” should become one of the fastest rising singles. The song shares a strong message about the power of love and while it seems to carry the same country-pop flavor as most of the group’s songs, Rascal Flatts still keeps its best asset intact. The group’s powerful vocals, which just soar and melt over the background music, remain as strong as ever.

The phrase “Love is unstoppable” is heard numerous times throughout the song, and even though front man Gary LeVox sings about making mistakes and having regrets, he finds solace in loves ability to make a person whole again. The lyrics are definitely some of the most meaningful the group has done in a while and it’s nice to see them do more than just party anthems like previously released hit, “Summer Nights”

Rascal Flatts must believe they have something special with this tune since the album and their tour are named after the song. It’s the message of this song, coupled with the smooth vocals and flawless harmonies that make it very worthy of being a strong single.

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