Randy Houser - Anything Goes

By: Allen Jacobs

Last Updated: July 8, 2008 12:00 AM

"Anything Goes" is a beautiful broken ballad about rising up from the ashes of circumstance when "everything's gone." Slow and powerful vocals drive the song, which climaxes in its big, drawn out chorus which rings in the hearts of listeners. Where the song stumbles a bit is in its verses, which chronicle a one-night stand that quickly ferments to regret. The song oddly employs two verses, the seduction and the morning after, which limits the accessibility of such a catchy chorus. What Randy Houser does creatively saves itself by utilizing a drawn out refrain with bridge in place of a third verse storyline, which uses multi-tracked vocals to really capture the emotion of the song, also perhaps hoping that the weaker, predictable storyline fades for a more universal message of hope and/or desperation in times of uncertainty. This is the type of the single that is best served with a bottle, and has endless replay value.

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