National Media Finally Paying Attention to Nashville Flood Disaster

By: Roughstock Staff

Last Updated: May 6, 2010 2:05 PM

Kenny Chesney appeared via telephone last night on CNN and not only did he share with them video of his own property completely destroyed by the devastation but he also said that he was lucky to be in a position to be able to afford to fix it up while many people weren’t as lucky as him.  He also took CNN and other national “news” outlets to task for their lack of coverage of the horrible flooding from the 17 inches (or more) of rain over a two-day period.  Anderson Cooper apologized and said  basically said (paraphrasing)  “You’re right, we were doing a bad job of covering that event, likely due to the NYC bomb scare and the oil spil in the Gulf of Mexico and for that I’m sorry.” 

Cooper will have his popular AC360 program down ‘on the ground’ in Nashville to show people all over the carnage that happened here, much like he did after the Haiti earthquakes and Hurricane Katrina.  He will likely show how there have been over 20 deaths and there are many still unaccounted for and feared dead.  He will likely discuss the loss taken on by historic venues like The Grand Ole Opry in Hermitage, TN (a suburban Nashville city) and he will obviously talk about the damage downtown Nashville took during the floods.  It is our hope, here at Roughstock, that he focuses less on the superstars losses and more on the regular folks, the ones who weren’t able to get flood insurance because their agents told them they didn’t need it.  These folks likely have lost everything and many of them have lost their jobs as well.

Still, even as CNN covers the aftermath of the Nashville Floods, I have to wonder if the other major TV News Networks or even the national news programs even care about it.  It is very amazing to me that the BBC had, until now, reported more on the floods than the national USA-based networks did.

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