Montgomery Gentry - "One In Every Crowd"

By: Allen Jacobs

Last Updated: January 26, 2009 11:00 AM

Montgomery Gentry's third single has the potential to follow suit with Back When I Knew It All's first two (the title track and "Roll With Me"), as a chart-topping, sing-along anthem. "One In Every Crowd" chronicles true bar room characters, high on charisma, low on delivery. Rather than just tell the story, seen in so many sitcoms, of the one friend who, as they sing, buys everybody drinks, but never pays, the Montgomery Gentry points out that "it's usually me." Whether championing the guilty party of the circle, the up-tempo, chorus-driven song urges imperfect lives of the party everywhere. As one of 2008's bigger Country albums makes its turn towards its one year birthday, songs like this are adaptable to the saloon, the radio and the iPod, touching all ages as truly feel-good Pop with an honest message.


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