Miranda Lambert - Baggage Claim

By: Bobby Peacock

Last Updated: August 1, 2011 5:08 PM

In the past two years, Miranda's star has risen considerably, and I couldn't be happier. From a long string of songs that inexplicably tanked in the mid-teens at best to a pair of #1's is a wonderful transition, made even better by the fact that Miranda didn't compromise her sound one iota. In fact, she's only refined the craft into some of her best work. One such example is "Baggage Claim," a song from her forthcoming album Four the Record. She debuted the song at a South Carolina concert in July 2011, and already there's a bit of a buzz going. And why shouldn't there be? 

"Baggage Claim" is an exercise in attitude done right. While there have been countless kiss-off songs before, Miranda's latest puts several interesting ingredients into the formula and comes out with her original recipe yet again. First and foremost is the clever use of emotional "baggage" as a play on words for the baggage that her man's being sent off with. Oh, and I have to highlight the excellent lyric "Behind every woman scorned is a man who made her that way." The production is very snappy and rhythmic, mixing a synthesized hand-clap with acoustic guitar, Dobro fills and some tasty Hammond organ and electric guitar fills. It's energetic without being a "loud" song like "Only Prettier," and Lambert's vocal is well-suited as always. 

Marriage sometimes tames the wild beast in some artists (Keith Urban, I'm looking at you), but I'm glad to see that's not the case with Miranda. She's still doing things her way, and she's got a ton of momentum built up. Expect to see "Baggage Claim" fly all the way to #1. Preferably in clear skies, without turbulence and ahead of schedule. (Okay, that's all the plane puns I can think of.)

Lyrics: "Baggage Claim"

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