Lee Brice - "Beautiful Every Time"

By: Kyle Ward

Last Updated: March 10, 2011 3:10 PM

Coming on the heels of his record-breaking breakout hit “Love Like Crazy”, Lee Brice delivers another dose of imagery in his new single “Beautiful Every Time.”  The song follows a similar structure to Brice’s other imagery driven songs, but this single fails to provide a gripping hook like “Love Like Crazy”, or to a lesser extent his other top 30 hit “Happy Endings.”  The song does an adequate job of using the imagery to convey its point, but the lyrics and production seem to fall short of some of Brice’s previous tracks.

The production comes across as a bit gratuitous at times and forces Brice to stretch his voice a bit too far for my liking during the chorus’.  I could also do without the church choir addition at the end, which seems to try and sell the song’s message as a bit more powerful than it really is.  But country radio is filled with songs that feature overdone production, so the real problem here is in the lyrics themselves.  They simply don’t really tell much of a story, they just sort run through a list of things simply summed up by the title, beautiful every time.  The song would’ve worked much better if he taken one central image that’s beautiful every time and built the song around comparisons to that, but instead the song seems to be centered around the mere phrase, “Beautiful Every Time”.  This may well be another hit for Brice, but on the heels of one of the year’s most pleasant surprises, it’s disappointing that such an underwhelming song is left to follow it up.

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