Kenny Rogers "You Can't Make Old Friends" Tracklist & Cover Art

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: September 3, 2013 3:09 PM

To coincide with his upcoming induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame, Country music legend Kenny Rogers is set to release his new album on Warner Brothers Records. The album You Can't Make Old Friends will be released October 8, 2013 and it finds the veteran artist in strong vocal form. 

The album features a duet with long-time friend and collaborator Dolly Parton (the title track). "What a thrill it was to be working again with my buddy, Dolly Parton," and what a special song," he said." "Working with Dolly is always a little like going home. Everything felt comfortable."

You Can't Make Old Friends is the first country album from the singer in seven years (2006's Water & Bridges) and the star considers it the most-varied and complete album of his lifetime, "I can honestly say this may be the best album I've ever recorded,” added Rogers. 

“The musical diversity is extraordinary. It goes from songs I would normally sing, to songs I would normally never even listen to. In this business, you do albums to both grow artistically, and for the sheer love of music. We chose what I think are the most diverse and best songs I've ever had access to." 

Kenny Rogers – You Can’t Make Old Friends – Track Listing

1.    You Can’t Make Old Friends (Duet With Dolly Parton)

2.    All I Need Is One

3.    You Had To Be There

4.    ’Merica

5.    Turn This World Around

6.    Dreams Of The San Joaquin

7.    Don’t Leave Me In The Night Time (Featuring Buckwheat Zydeco)

8.    Look At You

9.    Neon Horses

10.  When You Love Someone

11.  It’s Gonna Be Easy Now


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