Kenny Chesney - "Ain't Back Yet"

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: February 10, 2010 12:47 PM

Kenny Chesney has become a superstar act through sheer hard work and constant touring.  He also has proven to have a great ear for tunes that not only suit his voice but make for nice radio tunes.  While the artist is taking most of 2010 off to ‘recharge,’ he has agreed to a few select concert dates along with an upcoming 3-D Concert film going to theaters nationwide.  “Ain’t Back Yet” is a new song recorded for the concert film and it was also performed while on tour this past summer. 

Written by Craig Wiseman and Chris Thompkins, this song fits Kenny Chesney like a glove as the song details quite a bit about what his life has been like since he became that touring musician.  Anybody who’s picked up and moved for work will relate to this country rocker as well and while it’s not the neo-traditional stuff of Chesney’s early career, “Ain’t Back Yet” also isn’t the Buffett-like country tunes either.  This will be great news to fans who like Chesney when he isn’t ‘beachy’ but I suspect that those who don’t like anything about Kenny Chesney won’t much like this song either but then again, they’ve likely not been fans for a long time, if ever.

The instrumentation is nice and addition of the horn section, who are lead by Jim Horn and tour with Kenny, was a nice touch.  Also, there’s virtually no way this song isn’t a hit as Kenny is one of the Touchstone artists for country radio and he hasn’t had a single this radio friendly in a long time and it will fit in quite nicely between the latest Josh Turner and Carrie Underwood tunes on your radio dials.

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