Jason Aldean - "My Kinda Party"

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: August 4, 2010 10:08 AM

After releasing four straight Top 5 singles on his third album Wide Open, Jason Aldean returns to the radio with another rock-infused tune.  This song – which was written by fellow Georgia native Brantley Gilbert and appeared on his first album Modern Day Prodigal Son is the exact kind of song that suits Aldean’s voice the best.   In fact, Gilbert and Aldean have quite a bit in common musically so when I heard that “My Kinda Party” was going to be released by Jason Aldean, it made quite a bit of sense to me. 

The verses are well-structured with Brantley Gilbert’s lyrics telling the story of a guy who is ready to let the problems of the world go away as he relaxes and parties in the country with friends.  The lyrics aren’t ‘Nashville’ as far as Nashville committee songs go and the second verse actually finds the narrator telling his girlfriend to give him her keys so that she can enjoy herself and not worry about getting home.  In a song where the alcohol is flowing this is verse that shows responsibility and that should make this song even more enjoyable for some.

Melodically the song fits right in with Jason Aldean’s hits like “She’s Country” “Johnny Cash” and “Hicktown” as the song is thouroughly a modern country rocker but the difference between it and those three is that the song isn’t nearly as ‘hard-edged’ as those songs were.  Given the success of those songs and Aldean’s own string of success, it’s hard to imagine “My Kinda Party” being anything but another Top 5 possibly chart-topping #1 hit for Jason Aldean.

I hope this means that country radio will be more willing to play Brantley Gilbert’s own music as his own album Halfway To Heaven is quite stellar and if nothing else,  Brantley should get a tour opening slot for Jason Aldean’s next tour and Jason’s fans should check out both of Brantley’s albums.

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