Jason Aldean - "Dirt Road Anthem"

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: March 28, 2011 12:03 PM

Now Here’s an interesting single choice from Jason Aldean.  Long speculated by the artist himself as a single that’s going to bring him up to an even larger profile, “Dirt Road Anthem” does have the feeling of a “game-changer.”  It has two places it can go. It’s either going to be the biggest single of Aldean’s career to date, after “Don’t You Wanna Stay” has been the biggest single of his career, or it’s going to be a colossal failure. But you know what? No risk, No reward. 

Written by the song’s original artists Brantley Gilbert and Colt Ford, “Dirt Road Anthem” is a sing-songy, rhythmic laid-back party anthem with a hook that hits your head and stays there for days. People who hate ‘rap’ aren’t going to like it for that reason alone but honestly it’s no different than “I Wanna Talk About Me,” a #1 hit for Toby Keith about 5 years ago or the classic ‘recitations’ from country music days of yore. 

“Dirt Road Anthem” is a song that is easy to nod your head to, it’s one of his quietest singles in years and while completely southern-fried country-rock melodically, the song’s rhythmic  nature of the tune is what makes the song oh, so listenable. No, it doesn’t have anything grandiose to say except to be exactly what it is, a party anthem for country folks. 

Jason Aldean knows he’s not a rapper and this isn’t a style of music that he’ll continuously do – he’ll leave that to good buddy and fellow Georgian Colt Ford – but as for a new song with a different sound, it certainly works. I like it and I have a feeling that Jason’s right to call the song a ‘game-changer,’ because “Dirt Road Anthem” certainly is a game-changer.

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