Hunter Hayes To Debut "Invisible" on Grammy Awards Telecast Sunday Night

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: January 24, 2014 3:01 PM

Hunter Hayes is set to premiere his next single “Invisible” in a high profile shot. On Sunay night’s Grammy Awards telecast. Hayes will sing the song for the one of the few times anywhere outside of when he wrote it and recorded it.

He spoke with CBS TV show “Entertainment Tonight”’s Nancy O’Dell about the performance. Coining it perhaps the most-emotional performance of his life, Hayes is well aware of who he’ll be singing the song in front of.

“The trend-setters, the teachers, the musical sort of professors, the pioneers,” he told O’Dell. “I’m wondering how did I get a seat in this row next to this person? I'm like, this is insane."

Stating that he’ll be “unbelieveably nervous,” about the performance is no small feat for a singer who has performed with musical heroes like Stevie Wonder and he recalls running into a famous musician at last year’s program, “I remember last year, just running into people in the hallways, just randomly bumping into Sting,” he said. “And I'm like ‘Hi, I'm …’ and he's like ‘Hunter’ and I was like, ‘That just happened - he said my name before I got to it.”

Hunter Hayes is nominated for the Best Country Solo Performance with hit single “I Want Crazy”. Last Year he was nominated for Country Solo Performance for “Wanted,” Best Country Album for Hunter Hayes and the all-genre Best New Artist (he lost to fun.).

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