Holly Williams - "Keep The Change"

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: February 8, 2009 3:00 PM

She's from Country music royalty yet her first album (2004's) "The Ones We Never Knew" was hardly a country album, despite being released by Universal Records South.  After surviving a horrorific car accident, Holly Williams returns to the national scene with this tempo-filled track that instantly recalls Mary Chapin Carpenter.  Since radio doesn't really play Carpenter these days, why not give Holly that smartly written, hook-filled songs.  "Keep The Change" finds the 26 year-old writing about living life stuck at home and then waxes philosophic, over cascading drums and sliding guitar notes and steel guitar fills about "I've paid my dues honey, you can keep the change." There's something in this single that suggests that music row's ready for another smart, strong vocalist and songwriter like Holly.


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