David Nail - "Red Light"

By: Liz Jungers

Last Updated: June 2, 2009 4:33 PM

David Nail’s new single boasts a type of lyric subtlety not often heard on country radio—in fact, “Red Light” begs a second or third listen before revealing its full meaning.  Here’s the gist: a girl breaks up with a guy, just like that, while sitting at a red light.  He’s taken completely off-guard, head swimming in bewilderment.  This lack of focus is intentionally translated into the lyrics and nicely echoed by the slightly distorted, jangly guitar-heavy chorus, shading “Red Light” a welcome gray in a format that is so often black and white (or red, white and blue).

It certainly creates a mood, and that’s what David Nail does best.  Rather than a collection of singles, Nail’s forthcoming debut album works better as a soundtrack to a melancholy Sunday afternoon or a long-distance drive in the rain.  Though likely too vibey and cerebral for country radio, “Red Light” is a strong representation of David Nail’s unique overall sound, deserving of its place in the country collective.

It is this week's iTunes Free Single Of The Week.

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