Country Stars Share Their Father's Day Memories

By: Roughstock Staff

Last Updated: June 15, 2012 1:06 PM

With Father's Day this weekend, we reached out to some of country music's best and brightest to find out their thoughts on Father's Day! Now, that could be their thoughts about their father, their grandfather or their prospective on the day. We hope you enjoy this piece and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all of the Father's out there!

Eric Church:

My dad is a great guy, honest guy, very call it like he sees it, which is where I get a lot of that. No BS. I’m gonna tell you how I feel whether you like it or not, I’m that guy, I’m me. And that’s what a lot of what comes out of me, what I write about, what I sing about, in interviews probably saying some things I shouldn’t, but it’s me and that’s what you get. My dad’s that way, so I get a lot of that from him. There’s also an honesty and an integrity that my dad carries himself with that I’ve always admired.

Craig Campbell:

"I wrote the song 'Family Man' before my first child was born, and I feel like being a father is the reason I was put on this earth.  I am so grateful to have my two beautiful girls - Preslee and Kinni Rose."

Mark O'Shea (of O'Shea)

"It's my first Fathers Day this year as a Dad. It's quite amazing how quickly it all happens - I can't believe she's a year old!"

Keith Urban:

The first thing is probably just having someone call you dad. I’m like, ‘Omigosh! I’m her dad! That’s amazing.’ That’s probably the first thing to me.

Hunter Hayes: 

“My dad always said, ‘It doesn't cost anything to be nice to anyone.’ I love this as it’s so true, and he seems to live the ultimate example of that. One of the many reasons I respect him and look up to him.”

Darius Rucker:

“I think if you asked my kids what kind of Dad I was they would probably say…Danny would say that I was a fun Dad. My little daughter would say that I was a fun dad; she thinks I’m a lot of fun. I think if you caught them at the right moment they would say I was mean [laughs] because when I’m home I’m not afraid to discipline them. I’m all fun until it’s not fun anymore and then daddy’s not the fun guy. I think that they’d say that I was a fun Dad, I’m a loving Dad and I think they would say that. I’m gone so much that when I’m home, I just shower love upon my kids. I say ‘I love you’ probably fifty times a day. We hug, we kiss all the time. I’m always wanting them to know how much I love them. So I’d hope they’d say that I was a loving dad.”

Bucky Covington:

"Fathers never seem to get the Thank You's that they deserve. So this Father's Day- Thanks for putting food on the table, Dad. And for making me who I am today!"

Mark Wayne Glasmire:

“My dad was not always the easiest person in my life to please.  He was more of the kind of person that would give you a kick in the butt, rather than a pat on the back.  This was not always the easiest thing for me to deal with and I times I was full of resentment.  But as I have gotten older and have had a chance to look back, I realize that I am the man I am today because of him.  I know that he was always there for me.  He taught me how to be strong, to have respect, to have honor, to be a man of my word to work hard and stand up for what I believe in.  He also taught me to be compassionate and helpful to others.  To do what I love and love what I do.  He had an amazing zest for life and I do as well.  I know that if I needed him he would be there for me regardless of the circumstances.  He has been gone now for 5 years and I miss him a quite a bit, especially as we celebrate Father's Day.”

Eliane Roy (of The Roys):

Hands down we have the best Dad ever.  He is always there for us no matter what.  Always giving us advice and celebrating our achievements!  But, for me the most memorable Father’s Day is the year I graduated high school.  Dad was on the board and graduation happened to fall on Father’s Day and it was his Birthday too and he is the one that handed me my diploma!!  That is a day I will never ever forget!! 

Tommy Steele:

“I'm very Blessed to have a great relationship with my Dad. We have had alot of bad times we had to get through and have had many more great times together. My Dad (Jim Steele)  is my Best friend and I am so glad to be able to share our relationship with My son Cole. To watch My Father teach My son how to catch his first fish? Priceless!!” 

Brent Flynn (Flynnville Train):

When I was a little kid, Dad, along with his brothers, had a rock band. He was the drummer. Several years later, in the 1990's, he played in a band with (my brother) Brian and I. This time, he played rhythm guitar. One particular night, Brian (who was the drummer) stepped out front to sing "Desperado"(we were a cover band), and Dad sat down behind the drums. He played the tail end of the song with us. For some reason, I was up there with tears in my eyes. That was the only time that ever happened. It was so cool... He was a little rusty, but, it didn’t matter to me. It is a memory ( along with many others, musical and non musical) that I will cherish forever.”

Todd Fritsch:

“I am very privileged to have the opportunity to celebrate Father’s Day with my Dad. For many people this means traveling a great distance or planning ahead to make that day happen because seeing their family is not an everyday occurrence. I am fortunate to see, talk or work with my Dad every day since he and my brothers all ranch together.  So for me it is a day that recognizes Father’s Day, but around here every day is Father's Day.”

Big Kenny (Big & Rich):

"I've always been thankful on Father’s Day that I have such a great father.  Now I also find myself thankful that I am one. ...and Happy 82nd year to my Pop, hope the rain comes right after we get the hay up!"

Tom Gossin (of Gloriana):

For Mike and I, every day is like Father's Day!  Our Dad lives with us in Nashville, so we get to hang every time we come home from our tour. He's a mentor, a drinkin' buddy, and our best friend. Incredibly grateful and blessed to have Steve Gossin Sr. in our lives!

Shelley Breen (Point of Grace):

“We let Dad sleep in on Father's Day (meaning mom gets up with daughter and doggie!), then we usually go to Dad's choice of restaurant for lunch after church. If he wants to play golf, he has a free pass, but usually, he just stays home and spends time with us because he is an AWESOME dad!” 

Tyler Hubbard (Florida Georgia Line):

“If it weren't for my dad I wouldn't be where I am today... He taught me all about chasing dreams and working hard to get where you want to go. My father was my number one fan. Love and miss him every day.”

Brian Kelley (Florida Georgia Line):

“My dad is the man. He's such a giver. He is the example of a real

man and who I want to become one day. I cherish the time we

get to spend together.”

Dierks Bentley:

“My daughter Evie, she just loves being out and about and seeing stuff. She’s got a real gregarious personality and loves to be around music. It’s everywhere she goes … my daughter’s exposure to music in general is crazy. It’s always around. There’s just music everywhere. She loves it, and I’m not trying to turn her into my 401k package down the road, but if she wanted to get into the business, I’d support her.”

Glen Templeton:

Being a father is a real create a life and watch them grow physically mentally and spiritually is truly the gift that keeps on see them do the same things, and take the same steps I've taken, reminds me of what it was like when I was that age...

Being a dad isn't only about showing a your children the right steps to take... I learn as much from them than they learn from me. It's mostly listening to them and using their thoughts to prepare the best path possible for path them to reach their goals and dreams, with unconditional love we have.

One of the best memories I have of my dad is when he and my mom came to visit me one fathers day weekend.. I was working a gig at a world famous honky-Tonk im downtown Nashville and he got up and sang songs with me  and after ten years of not being on stage, he still had way of singing that captivated people. 

I believe that's one of the traits I received from him and one that I want to pass along as a dad myself. Whether it be singing, playing professional football, or being a novelist, I want to help them take whatever gift they've been given from above and apply it to their fullest, and most of all I want to help them lead a lifetime of happiness.

Watch Glen's special Father's Day tribute: That's My Job" (A remake of the Conway Twitty classic).

"Only One" singer Tiffany Houghton:

My dad has been the hero and man in my life for a very long time. I remember being a little girl in the neighborhood I grew up in, I wanted to go singing in the rain one evening and he came along. As the night became darker the rain got harder and harder. We were not very close to home at this point and we still had to cross over a bridge that was soon to be under water. I specifically remember thinking that we would never get across alive with all of that rapid deep water! Just as we came to the invisible bridge, he picked me up with a smile on his face and carried me on his shoulders. Thats when I knew this man was my hero. As I have grown up he has countlessly picked me up with a smile on his face. I have fallen and fallen time and time again, and he has always been the person to help me learn from every situation. 

My dad has taught me so many things through his words, however the most valuable thing I have taken from him was taught through his example. He is the reason I believe in love and know that I will someday be treated like a queen, the way he has treated my mother.  I wrote the song “Like He Treat Her,” to express the love and admiration I have for my parents relationship. They were married when my mom was my age, 18 years old. They came from nothing and had to face some real challenges in the beginning of their marriage. Because of their devotion to each other and willingness to fight through together, they now, 25 years later are still together and still in love.  I couldn’t ask for a better father.  From my eyes and my laugh to my determination and drive, I am so proud to be my daddy’s little girl.

And, now, one more thought from our Editor Matt Bjorke:

As a child of divorce, it could've been much, much worse but I am blessed and very, very lucky in that by the time I was two years old, I not only had a great father but a great step-father. Both of these men have helped guide and shape me as I grew up into the man that I am now. I learned the meaning of hard work from them both of them, the meaning of loving and the will to give their children the best they could and I hope to someday to share the same kind of wisdom and work ethic with my own children.

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