Book Review: 10 Things We Learned From "Murder On Music Row"

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: October 5, 2011 1:10 PM

We don't often get a chance to review novels (or books, even) at Roughstock so it was with great pleasure that we were sent the novel Murder on Music Row, a fascinating novel written around Nashville's Music Industry. Read on to see what we learned from reading the book!

It’s not often that a novel comes out that takes on a segment of the world that is rarely talked about: the music industry. Mixing a murder mystery into a compelling story about an assassination attempt on a fictionalized country star, Murder On Music Row reads like the best novel that John Grisham never wrote. Rather than write a note for note recount on the novel, we instead offer up 10 things we learned about Stuart Dill’s  “Music Industry Thriller” Murder on Music Row.


  1. The country star who gets shot at in the book seems to be based on an amalgamation of Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift.
  2. There is a lot of detail about the Nashville music industry in the novel.
  3. If you ever wondered how a big corporate merger of labels might look like, and what it takes to make it happen, there’s one in this book.
  4. Murder On Music Row discusses how much the industry actually relies on interns supplied by music industry programs in and around Nashville.
  5. You’ll learn how important managers are to an artist and how the whole management team helps an artist get where they’re going.
  6. You’ll learn how some stars (the fictional star) have bigger than life egos and personas.
  7. Details of the country music world which may feel ‘insider’-like are laid out here.
  8. The story is downright compelling, making for an easy, page-turning read.
  9. The writing is so vivid and cinematic that it likely won’t be long before Murder on Music Row is optioned into a movie.
  10. Stuart Dill writes a twist ending that isn’t so easy to see coming and leaves you very satisfied with how Murder on Music Row ends.

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