Trailer Choir - Love Me First

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: December 19, 2011 9:12 AM

The first single off of their own record label Hollaville Records and as a duo, this song will touch the many who open their hearts to listen. Listen to "Love Me First" here and let us - and Butter and Vinny - know what you think.

About the song in their own words:

“I got a story if you got a minute, but don’t worry it’s got a happy ending and you’re in it” The song, “Love Me First” tells the story of everything the Trailer Choir duo, Butter and Bigg Vinny have experienced over the last year. Butter explains, "We lost our record deal, went from a trio to a duo, and had to face the fact that Vinny's health might prevent him from ever entertaining again.  It was a scary time. Vinny was down, not just emotionally, but he was also in a hospital bed for almost two weeks.”   

Just like the first line in their new song, “Love Me First,” Butter and Bigg Vinny do have a story to tell and it has a happy ending! As Vinny was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but was able to make a full recovery. Regarding his weight, Vinny explains, "I've always thought I was comfortable with my weight; I was just the big guy in overalls. But after I got sick, I started to really look at myself from the inside out, and I realized that maybe I wasn't as happy or healthy as I could."

Vinny recently lost a lot of weight as a Biggest Loser contestant and ended up placing 4th on the program.

Butter wrote the song with the Warren Brothers.

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