Audio Track Exclusive: Mia Dyson - I Know You

By: Matt Bjorke

Last Updated: September 4, 2013 12:09 PM

One of this year's great discoveries for our Editorial Staff was Mia Dyson with her fantastic new album The Moment. The album showed off a rootsy singer/songwriter and aritst so when we were offered the chance to have the unique take of "I Know You" (Lori McKenna's song) stream on Roughstock, we took it. 

Here's what Mia has to say about recording the song:

"I had a fan pledge on my album and request a cover version of the song. They chose Lori McKenna's 'I Know You.' I'd heard of Lori, but I didn't know the song. As soon as we started jamming on it in the studio, I fell in love with the track and was thrilled with how it turned out. It seems like such a personal song and not usually something I'd cover, but I so enjoyed becoming the narrator in this story, imagining this person that I didn't know at all. It can take you to another world."

Take a listen to the talented singer/songwriter's take of Lori McKenna's great song and we hope you'll share the track as well. It's not on The Moment. 


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